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My success story on Adsgrid (Admin please read)

Started by tenej 2017-11-03 at 21:57
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I must write this topic, because many members complain about problem and even with scam. And because there no suggestion section, I choose to write here

My success story started when I find this site. From start I liked unique grid when you get money for every click and get reasonable reward for your hard clicks (yes hunderds of clicks is hard). This admin respected members and their works, because on every other PTC site grids are cheating platform, where you get nothing or 1 - 2 cents.
I am sure that members wont lost this opportunity and that members who tried many PTC sites agree with me.

Thing I don't like is big bonuses. Maybe you will think that I am crazy, but yes, really I don't like it. Because I want stable and long life platform, and with this amount of bonuses, Im scared that huge bonuses can break revenues in future.

So admin please, don't add any bonus in future. I know that bonuses attract peoples to upgrade their memberships, but what will happened in month-two with tons of RR and tons of free money in PB? What will happened when that money go to revenue shares. How you planning to cover site fees?

I am sure that peoples is happy with huge rewards with grid and things that they can buy shares, without any extra bonus. So admin, what you already do, you do, but think about reducing bonuses and not risk of bankrupt, rearrange things to keep good and stable platform for all of us