Frequently Asked Questions
What is AdsGrid.Club?

AdsGrid.Club is a online service when you can advertise or earn cash by viewing GRID advertisements.

How it works?

Register a free account and click on available advertisements we have on GRID. 

On GRID you earn $0.01 per EACH CLICK you make.

You will also earn up to $0.005 per rented CLICKER click on GRID ads.

You can purchase Shares and earn 150% Profit in just 10 Days per Share!

How much money can I make?

That depends on your membership type and on the amount of ads you click daily.

Also depends on amount of  rented CLICKERS you have to clicks on ads.

Always remember the higher is your membership more you will earn!

How can i advertise?

Click on ''SHOP'' tab on top website menu to advertise on GRID, PTC or to buy Banner Credits.


What is the minimum Payout?

Minimum payout is:

-$5.00 for Standard members

-$3.00 for Golden members

-$2.00 for Ultimate members

-$2.00 for Exclusive members

-$1.00 for Special members